How to Use Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds

How to Use Newspaper Pots for Starting Seeds

Here is a great simple way to use up your old newspapers as well as plant some seeds into your garden. What’s great about this method is you can directly place your newspapers into the soil without having to transplant them like you typically would. The newspaper will naturally decompose into the soil. You will need a small can, newspaper and some scissors to start making these newspaper pots.

1. Grab two or so pages of newspaper to make sure you have a four-sheet stack.
2. With your scissors cut these newspaper pages into thirds and make sure it is lengthwise.
3. Put your can on top of the newspaper and make sure you leave about an inch hanging off the end.
4. Wrap the can with newspaper until it is loosely wrapped all the way around.
5. Firmly fold the edges of the newspaper down over the can, and fold around the can until all the edges are folded over firmly.
6. Turn the can right side up.
7. Again firmly fold down edges of newspaper over can.
8. Start sliding the can out of the newspaper and there you have it! You’ve got yourself a biodegradable seedling pot! You will be amazed at how sturdy these pots are once they are filled with starting mix, seeds and moistened. Enjoy!

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