DIY Simple Birdbath

DIY Simple Birdbath

Birdbaths are simply beautiful! They attract birds and they look awesome in any garden. But here is a special birdbath that will shine with all the different colors of sun light. To top it all off it is very simple to take on.

1. Cut an old DVD or CD into equal sizes from the middle outwards kinda like cutting a pizza.
2. Take each individual piece and lay it out of a piece of paper.
3. Take your glossy spray paint and paint all the pieces so they are very shiny.
4. Glue the pieces with either to either a plate which you can place on top of a platform, or an existing birdbath.
5. Cover your plate or existing birdbath with grout using a rubber spatula and clean the excess with a damp cloth until you see white lines of grout between the shining pieces of CD/DVD pieces.
6. If you used a plate you can use a vase filled with stones as a stand if you like.
7. Enjoy!

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