DIY Mini Gift Box

DIY Mini Gift Box

Here is a really cool DIY Mini Gift Box which you can put just about anything your heart desires in. You can pretty much pack it with candies, stationery or any other small gifts like snacks which is perfect for giving to family and friends. And it top it off its really easy to make.

1. Simply print with your printer out the template at the bottom of this post as well as cut it out.
2. Place the printed/cut out template onto some construction paper and trace the outline.
3. Use a ruler and pencil to draw out the leftover lines in the inside of the template and cut those out as well.
4. Fold those edges using your ruler to help you.
5. Put a hole in each of the 4 corner tips.
6. Put your gifts in the inside of the box.
7. Close your gift box and tie/decorate as you please :).

DIY Mini Gift Box Template

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