DIY Faux Fur Pomp Pomp Hat

DIY Faux Fur Pomp Pomp Hat

Here is a great way to add some DIY to your winter wardrobe with this DIY Faux Fur Pomp Pomp Hat. The project itself is actually pretty easy and it does not require much materials or effort really.

Materials Required:
Thick wool yarn

1. Simple tie the wool around your hand about 50 times or so, snip out another piece of wool around 30 cm or so long.
2. Now take the wrapped yarn off your hand.
3. Lay it on top of the single piece of cut yarn.
4. Make sure you tie it very tight at this point in time.
5. Cut open the loops to create the pompom and then gently tug at the wool to open out your pompom.
6. Once that is complete brush your pompom with a brush to give it that faux look you are looking for.

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